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In our clinic, we use pricing based on time and material consumption in accordance with Western trends. With the help of careful organization and digital technology, we can make our services available to as wide a range of people as possible at a competitive price, while using the highest quality equipment and paying attention to fine details.

Orthodontic consultation, diagnostics and planning
20 000 Ft
Panoramic X-ray
10 000 Ft
Full X-ray
10 000 Ft
Tooth X-ray
5 000 Ft
Professional plaque removal with salt polishing
25 000 Ft
Invisalign invisible splint treatment
450 000-2 500 000 Ft
Bonding of soft-force fixed braces per arch
300 000 Ft
Ceramic (aesthetic/ tooth-coloured) appliance extra charge per arch
150 000 Ft
Activation fee
15 000-45 000 Ft
Removing a fixed orthodontic appliance
75 000 Ft
Removable orthodontic appliances
30 000-220 000 Ft
Glued retainer
40 000-80 000 Ft
Orthodontic microimplant insertion
85 000 Ft
Enamels per tooth
15 000 Ft
Second opinion, management plan opinion by examination
35 000 Ft

Minden egészségpénztárral
szerződésben állunk!

The expected cost of orthodontic treatment:

  • Consultation and diagnostics 20 000 HUF
  • Initial costs between HUF 200-850 000
  • Monthly instalments between HUF 20-80 000

As in most dentistry, we also have fixed-price interventions, usually in cases that can be planned well in time. Examples include professional tartar removal or an X-ray.

Orthodontic treatment can also be planned well, but due to the diversity of people and dental deviations, it is very difficult to calculate in advance. After completing the diagnostics, we can see exactly what tasks await us, and when planning each orthodontic treatment, a commitment price is determined, in which we calculate the costs of the expected time and material expenditure.

The price calculated at the end of the diagnostics is fixed and will not be increased during the treatment!

Since everyone is interested in the final price of treatment, but there are not many places to find this information, in this blog article we have written about the cost of orthodontic treatment and how it compares between practices.

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